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    Nov 8, 2017
    So as know through /missions there are a lot of cool rewards available and a lot of interesting missions to do. With that being said, some missions are very very hard to accomplish. The one's I'm referring to are the animal killing ones, specifically weekly and monthly. The issue with it is that say it's kill 500 Chickens:

    1. You need to have a chicken spawner
    2. When you kill them as a stack it only counts as 1. <----- biggest problem I have with it.
    3. They always spawn as a stack and not separate which makes killing 500 of them take literal weeks and for the monthly missions more than a month at the easiest.

    My suggestion would be to make it so that when you kill a stack of the mob that the entire killed stack number counts towards the mission. For example, you kill a stack of 37 pigs, if starting at 0 the mission would then count 37 pigs killed rather than 1.

    I hope this can be taken into consideration.